Oftentimes, there are a couple of driveway problems that you can fix. However, there are also occasions where it will be more economical for you to replace the entire driveway.

Whether it is made of concrete or asphalt, the affected driveway will show indications of wear and tear in obvious manners. It will have an overall weathered look that affects the curb appeal of your home. It will have drainage problems such as water or puddles gathering in the wrong areas. It will have potholes and cracks as well.  

So, as a homeowner, what should you do with your driveway? Should you save money by fixing it or should you completely replace your driveway? 

If you’re choosing between driveway repair or driveway replacement Frisco TX, here are some tips to follow: 

When Should You Replace a Driveway? 

On average, the lifespan of an asphalt driveway is around 20 years. This is particularly true if you install and maintain it properly. Once it reaches its lifespan, it is ideal to replace your driveway.  

On the other hand, concrete is a bit longer. On average, the lifespan of a concrete driveway is around 30 years.  

You might also have to replace your driveway if it has a crack wider than ¼ inch. The problem with cracks is that they enable moisture to seep into the subsurface. This results in erosion and collapse.  

You might also have to replace your driveway if you’re experiencing major drainage problems. Aside from that, you will also have to address every single thing that affects the drainage in your area. Because of this, you might have to hire a drainage professional for help. 

When Should You Fix a Driveway? 

Do you have issues with driveway cracks? One of the best things you can do is to give it the ¼-inch test. You may be able to fix the crack using a crack seal if it is less than ¼ inch.  

Typically, this method is ideal for asphalt. If you’ve got a concrete driveway, you might have to hire a professional for help. The issue with concrete is that professionals install it in single slabs. Thus, cracks can influence the whole slab.  

If you live in a region that experiences freeze-thaw cycles, then cracks are a major issue for you. That is why you need to address the issue immediately once you notice them.  

Drainage problems can be a major issue. However, on several occasions, you can fix the problem with the help of at-grade French drains, underground drainage pipes, curb additions, or strip drains. This is particularly true if the topography allows it.  

However, you have to remember that water can affect every single thing. This includes nearby properties.  

Some homeowners experience weathering problems. This is especially true when it comes to asphalt driveways. However, this problem is common as asphalt ages. You can fix this issue using a top-coat seal. Aside from extending the lifespan of your driveway, a top-coat seal can also rejuvenate the appearance of your asphalt driveway.